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Cinema Haymarket Seating Plan

To help you select the best seating area, we've included the following seating plan for Cinema Haymarket.

Cinema Haymarket,
63-65 Haymarket,

The Cinema Haymarket has had several names and several variations over the years. Previously known as the Carlton Theatre, the Carlton Cinema and the Odeon Haymarket, its history includes some time as (or as part of) a cinema – this leads the Cinema Haymarket theatre to have an unusual seating plan compared to the majority of London's theatres. As once a cinema, seating is all on one level – i.e. the stalls. There are no circles or box seats.

Originally established in 1927, the Cinema Haymarket theatre showed both live and film performances for the majority of its younger years until the 1960s when it was turned into a ciname, but at a later date, one screen of the cinema was converted to become the Cinema Haymarket as it is now. Seating just 488, the Cinema Haymarket is a modest theatre with an unusual atmosphere, but it has a wonderful history and is a lovely venue for theatregoers to enjoy.

Cinema Haymarket Seating Plan Cinema Haymarket Seating Plan
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