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Big Brother Musical

Marketing executive Stuart Hosking has revealed that he has approached the Lord of the Musical, Andrew Lloyd Webber himself with his idea for a musical based on the monster reality series. A former housemate himself, Stuart was the second contestant voted out in Big Brother 2 in 2001.

Indeed, if the plans go ahead, it would not be the first time reality television formats will have graced the British stage. In 2003, Jerry Springer’s outrageous chat show was adapted into a hugely controversial musical, while Eurovision was lampooned in the hit Eurobeat, which incorporated audience voting, as Stuart’s planned BB venture does.

“There was a recent call to get younger people into West End theatres,” said Stuart, “and this is exactly the kind of thing that would get bums on seats.” Is it really?

Published: 04/03/2009 17:23:00