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If you’re planning on seeing a show in the West End of London then one of the things you will need to consider before you even book your ticket is exactly how you are going to get there. You may even have already bought your London Theatre Ticket and haven’t really thought about your method of travel. A majority of people that will go and see West End shows will not live in London itself and a lot of them will live quite a way outside of the capital city. So what ways are there available for you to get to London? Well, in this guide we hope to cover the best ways that you can get to the capital city from wherever you live, and more importantly, exactly how to get to the West End.

Getting to London:
Before you begin your journey to the west end, you will actually need to get to the capital city itself. Of course there are a variety of ways to do this, some will be most costly than others whilst some will favour convenience over cost. Take a look at the methods below:

London By Train
One of the most popular ways to reach the capital city is of course by train. This can often be the fastest way of getting to London getting you there in just a couple of hours, depending on where you live of course. Although this may be the fastest method to get there, it can often be one of the most expensive. Often, ticket prices can be hundreds of pounds but luckily, there are a few ways that you can beat these high prices and get your tickets for much less. These methods are below:
1)    Book Early: Booking your tickets to London early can be one of the biggest ways of saving money on your journey to London. You can book tickets online or at the train station in advance and ticket prices are usually a tiny fraction of what they would cost if you booked just a few days in advance or on the actual day.  Most train companies offer the biggest discount for their tickets if they are booked around 12 weeks in advance, which is around 3 months. For this reason it is best to make sure that you plan your trip at least this far in advance in order to get the best prices for your travel.
2)    Use Low Cost Websites: A lot of people will book their train tickets either at the train station itself or on the official national rail website. However, prices can be quite high if you book at either of these places and it is often worth shopping around. There are a variety of websites that offer low costs deals on train tickets if you book them at the right time, is one of the best websites for booking low cost train tickets.
3)    Book Two Single Tickets Instead of a Return: This may sound as though it would almost certainly work out to be more expensive. However, booking two single tickets instead of a return can often work out much cheaper. Of course, you will need to check whether or not this is the case for your chosen date of travel before you go ahead and purchase your tickets, but it is certainly worth checking as it can be a big money saver.
4)    Book to Go On the Right Day: Every so often, certain train companies have special deals that allow you to travel anywhere in the country on a specific day for a low price. One of the companies that offer these deals regularly is London Midland Trains. In fact, they have a deal coming up over the next couple of weeks. They are offering unlimited travel on their rail network for just £10 per day between the dates of 29/05/2010 and 06/06/2010, or first class travel for just £20. You can book tickets on their website now and this could mean that it may even be possible to get yourself a return to London for just £10, depending on where you live of course. We recommend that you grab your tickets now before they get sold out.

London By Bus/Coach
Another popular way to travel to London is by bus or coach. This method of travel can often be much cheaper than travelling by train however it can also be much less convenient. Be prepared to sacrifice the amount of time that you travel for the low cost if you choose this method. Of course, there are many coach companies and bus companies that can take you to London so before you decide, take a look at the list of ways we feel would be best below:
1)    National Express: Travelling using National Express is an extremely popular method of travel for anywhere in the United Kingdom, London included. Travelling with this company is often quite low cost and you can book tickets weeks, or even months in advance on their website. Although it is low cost however, it will take much longer to reach London using this form of travel than by train. Usually it is almost double the time that it takes to get there by train. It depends on each individual person whether they feel this is worth it or not, but it is still worth checking out if you are planning a trip to the West End.
2)    Hire a Minibus: Once again, this might sound like it would cost the earth. However, if you are planning a trip with a large group of people then this can often be one of the cheapest forms of travel. Of course, this is no use if you are going on your own or with just one or two other people, but if you are travelling in a group of 8 or more, then it is usually worth it.

By Car
This method of travel is quite rarely used, often because it is much easier to travel by train or coach. However, this method could be the easiest depending on your circumstances or where you live. Travelling by car may seem like the most convenient method of travel, you don’t have to bother going to the train station or spending hours on a hot bus, but there are many things that you will need to take into consideration if you choose to travel by car. Take a look at the list below:
1)    Congestion Charge: This is one of the main things that can put people off travelling to London by car. If you wish to drive in Central London then you will have to pay the congestion charge. For a normal family car this is usually £8 a day, so if you are staying in Central London for a weekend or even a week, then you will soon see the cost of your city break skyrocket as you will have to pay this charge for each day that you are there.
2)    Traffic: Even if you are willing to pay the hefty congestion charges, then you will still have to worry about the traffic in London. Driving in Central London can often see drivers covering more miles per hour than if they were walking. This is due to Central London being one of the busiest cities in the country and this of course means that traffic can be excessive. If you really do choose to drive to London, really try to avoid driving at peak times such as rush hour.

Getting to the West End:
So, you’ve made it to London and you’ve booked yourself into your hotel and are ready to go and see that West End show that you have been waiting for. Planning how you are going to get from your location in London to the West End should always be well thought out before you even get there. If you don’t plan your journey to the West End well then you may even find yourself late for the show or even missing it, so good planning is a must. Below are some of the easiest and most popular ways to get from London to the West End.  
1)    By Tube: Almost everyone that lives in London or visits the city will use the tube as their primary method of transport. This is because it is one of the fastest ways to get around London. There are a number of tube stations in the West End of London and it will be up to you to work out which is the closest and most convenient one to travel to for your chosen show. The tube service usually runs relatively late into the night so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting back to your hotel after the show. Although

Published: 02/06/2010 09:53:05