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Phantom Of The Opera Sequel

Love Never Dies has been pushed back to 2010. With very little public information about the show, it is becoming a mystery that has everybody intrigued.

Rumour and speculation led many people to believe the show would open at the Adelphi in May this year. Of course, it didn’t happen. Because no official announcement had been made either way, the expectant public had nowhere to aim their disappointment.

Numerous reports have since stated that now the show will not go ahead at all this year. This idea is, once again, not supported by any information from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s camp. However, it seems most of the work on the show is finished as a brief synopsis has appeared on the show’s website. What has caused the delay, if there even is one, is not known. Information seems closely guarded, and anything leaked is just enough to get London’s theatre goers excited.

Part of the mass appeal of The Phantom of the Opera is its essence of mystery. With Love Never Dies, mystery has enveloped the production itself, and everybody is waiting for the next development. If the elusiveness of Love Never Dies a deliberate play for publicity, it’s definitely working.

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Published: 29/06/2009 10:01:28