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Ticket Price Transparency Campaign a Success

Transparent ticket sale prices!  

We’ve recently been working closely with consumer champions “Which?” ( on their ticket price transparency campaign and over the last few weeks we have made some key changes to the way in which we display ticket prices to ensure that our customers can work out the cheapest price quickly and easily. 

Now when looking at ticket prices, the price you see will include any booking/administration fees (unless otherwise noted) as well as any potential delivery fee.  Our customers can now easily see the total ticket sale price right up front without going through the motions of actually purchasing a ticket.  We’re very pleased with the changes and the work Which? Has been doing and we’ve had some great early feedback. If you’d like to send any feedback on the changes or anything else please email us at

Read more details about the Which? campaign at

Published: 21/03/2014 15:38:15