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We Will Rock You

Ever wondered what it takes to produce a successful West End show? We Will Rock You, the jukebox musical based on the songs of Queen, has just become the first ever theatrical game to be released for the Apple iPhone.

The game’s producers are hoping to cash in on the global appeal of the musical which has been on stage in over a dozen countries from North America to Japan. The London show is currently in its eighth year at the Dominion Theatre and it is the West End production around which the game is based.

School Of Rock

Prior to the current UK tour, We Will Rock You had long been available for licence in schools under the initiative ‘Schools Will Rock You’. Perhaps inspired by the fact that over 500 schools nationwide have participated, the aim of the game is to take the show from a humble school hall up to the big-time of the Dominion Theatre.

As the show’s producer the player must make production and creative decisions within a budget, such as setting ticket prices, selling merchandise and choosing the right stage equipment and props. If you go over-budget and bankrupt it’s game over!

Published: 29/09/2009 09:28:49