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Find The Cheapest Theatre Tickets Here

Why compare theatre tickets?

Thousands of people head to London’s West End to see shows every single year. However, a lot of them are probably paying ‘over the odds’ for their tickets. A lot of people do not really realise it, but it is possible to save yourself quite a vast amount of money on these tickets, simply by comparing ticket prices online before you go ahead and buy them. If you are looking to compare theatre tickets online, then you have certainly come to the right place. is the only place where you can compare London theatre tickets online and offers quick, up to date results. is extremely easy to use and comparing theatre ticket prices couldn’t be easier. All you need to do to start comparing theatre ticket prices is to enter a few small details into the box located at the left hand side of the web page or by simply selecting a show. Firstly, you will need to tell us when you want to see the performance that you have chosen to see. It is up to you how specific you are, you can enter just one date if you like and the website will search for the lowest priced ticket for just that one day, or, if you are a little more flexible with your dates, then you can enter a time frame. For example, you may be flexible enough to be able to see the show at any time between the dates of 21/06/2010 and 06/07/2010. If this is the case, you would simply enter that first date (21/06/2010) into the ‘From Date:’ box and the second date (06/07/2010) into the ‘To Date:’ box. When you do this, the website will automatically search for the lowest priced tickets in the period of time that you have specified.

To show you an example of the amount of money you can save by using this website, we have actually done a search for theatre tickets ourselves. We told the website that we wanted to see Billy Elliot between the dates of 21/06/2010 and 06/07/2010 and that we had a budget of £45 per ticket. Once we had entered the details into the website, we clicked the submit button and the website did its magic. Once it had finished its search it presented us with a list of prices for various dates in the range that we had selected and a variety of prices ranging from £24.50 to £42.50. If you book theatre tickets often then you will know that even at £42.50, these are still extremely low prices for these tickets and that usually these tickets will cost upwards of £60.

So what are you waiting for, compare your theatre tickets now!

Published: 20/05/2010 14:16:15