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With a BAFTA award-winning actress playing the lead, Betrayal is sure to be a success once again!

Betrayal is a play originally written for the stage by Harold Pinter in 1978. Since that time it has been through a number of revivals by various producers, the most recent of which is by Ian Rickinson and is running at London’s Comedy Theatre.

Betrayal tells that clichéd story of the love triangle and all the heartache and loss that goes with it, but starts from the end, recanting the story backwards. The play starts with a meeting between the two lovers - Emma (Kristin Scott Thomas) an art gallery owner and Jerry, a literary agent, then works backwards over the course of their nine year love affair.

We soon discover that Jerry was the best friend of Emma’s husband and the third point in the triangle. But the story is thoroughly complex and the affair rife with lies. We soon realise that none of the members of the love triangle knows the whole story of what happened.
The story only involves three main characters – the members of the triangle and a waiter, and the use of minimal dialogue, veiled emotions and dishonesty among the characters is enough to keep the audience on their toes. Due to the nature of the relationships, you soon realise that the Betrayal is not just between husband and wife, but between friends as well.

Harold Pinter’s story is immensely clever and with adult themes of betrayal, deceit and desire, it is certainly not a play for a young audience. With a BAFTA award-winning actress playing the lead, Betrayal is sure to be a success once again.

It’s only running until August, so be sure to book your tickets now to avoid missing out on this excellent portrayal of adultery and Betrayal.  

Published: 21/06/2011 14:59:09