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Yes, Prime Minister

Due to run-away success at the Chichester Festival Theatre the show, inspired by the much-loved political comedy from the Eighties, Yes, Prime Minister moved to the West Ends Gielgud theatre last month. 

The Yes Prime Minister show boasts writing from Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay the two writers who made Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister such massive successes on television in the Eighties. Both these magnificent writers are considered television, film and broadcasting royalty, with their credits including The Whole Nine Yards, Nuns on the Run, Elizabeth R, the Tonight program and My Cousin Vinny.

Undoubtedly one of the main reasons behind the show’s ongoing success is the sublime performances from David Haig and Henry Goodman.  David Haig plays the frantic PM, Jim Hacker keen – as ever – to implement change in the face of Cabinet Secretary, Sir Humphrey’s (Henry Goodman) opposition and bamboozling belligerence. If ever an OBE should be awarded for casting, then David Haig’s Jim Hacker and the sly, silvered haired Henry Goodman as Sir Humphrey Appleby, both deserve them, unreservedly.

The story centers on the now famous Prime Minister and his Cabinet Secretary facing a country in financial meltdown. A deal for a trillion euro pipeline would end the financial crisis and keep Hacker's faltering regime alive. But the deal hangs on the PM providing the visiting Kumranistan minister with some particular nocturnal entertainment leading to some deliciously comic consequences.

If you’re old enough to vote, your attendance is worthy of hearing a tirade of wickedly funny one liners that beats anything Tony Blair or Alastair Campbell might have invented to appear whiter than white in the eyes of an electorate audience.

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Published: 20/10/2010 13:54:23