Adelphi Theatre

Seating Plan

Adelphi Theatre Seating Plan

Adelphi theatre,
The Strand,

The Adelphi theatre is an Art Deco-inspired West-End theatre originally opened to the public in the 1930's. Acquired by Andrew Lloyd Webber in the early 1990's, the Adelphi theatre was given a new lease of life and has gained some popularity for hosting a number of classic shows including Me and My Girl, Chicago, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat as well as many more. Boasting seating capactity for 1,500 theatregoers, the Adelphi theatre has room on three levels including the stalls, dress circle and the upper circle.

The stalls are closest to the stage and present the best view – thus being the most sought after seats. At the Adelphi theatre, the dress circle is located above the stalls and offers some wonderful views of the stage and the proceedings. The dress circle gives a view of the whole stage and is therefore sometimes more appealing than the stall seats. The upper circle provides the highest view of the Adelphi stage and, though located further away from the stage, still provide a terrific view.

Some retailers will tell you up-front which individual seats you'll be purchasing, whilst others will tell you which area of the theatre Stalls, Balcony) that your tickets will be for and will allocate your seats upon payment. In general, seats closer to the stage are more expensive Out offer a better view of the performance

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